Tarot Spreads

Find ideas for different tarot spreads to use with your copy of the Earth Bones Tarot


The Three Card Spread

A versatile spread perfect for beginners and experienced tarot readers alike!

The three card spread is one of my go-to picks for when I want to do a basic daily reading, or for when my question is more straightforward. To begin- shuffle your deck completely, focusing your intention and your question at the forefront of your mind as you do so. If any card falls out as you shuffle, place it face down in the spot marked ONE. Once you feel as if your deck is shuffled enough, place it face down and draw cards from the top of the deck and place them one by one, left to right in a row of three cards. 
From here- There are a lot of different ways you can read the cards which will suit the question you have in particular. You can read them as:
Once you have drawn your cards, laid them out, and focused on what kind of answer you are looking for from your deck, starting from the left with the card marked ONE, flip each card over and take a moment to process the imagery and try to use your intuition to figure out what your guides are telling you. Don't be afraid to use your guidebook for help if you get stuck!