Earth Bones Tarot

Second Edition Now Avilaible!

A tarot deck with roots based in flora, fauna, life and death. 

Earth Bones Tarot is a nature based deck, with small details and a minimalist style that allows even beginner readers to use intuitively. Each of the cards are hand drawn and then digitally altered with a neutral color palette of sage green and a dusty rose. The cards between the first and second editions are different- the second edition deck features a card back with a living and dead snake entwined together in a foil vs the bone design in black and white that is on the first edition card backs. The second edition also comes with LOTS of upgrades- things like gilded edging, a sturdier box, and a guidebook that fits in with the cards for easy storage. 

This deck blends different symbolism and parts of nature together to deliver its message- Each of the major arcana cards have a different plant border that corresponds with the card meaning, and all of the minor arcana have been illustrated to help make their messages clear to the reader. The traditional tarot suits have been switched- swords become crystals, pentacles become petals, wands become wicks and cups become jars.

The comprehensive guidebook is poetry based and the lyrical descriptions of the cards help allow for the user to interpret the meanings in a way that makes this deck perfect for healing and spell work.


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