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Earth Bones Tarot Second Edition- Whats the game plan?

So as of 3 months after the Earth Bones tarot Kickstarter ended, we are pretty much completely sold out of the first edition. Which is AWESOME though not super surprising since there were only 100 available. While I am writing this, I only know of three other copies that can be purchased, and they are located in person at a bookstore in Riudoso New Mexico.

Since I am getting a LOT of people asking about the second edition, I figured I would drop a post with some background on what exactly is going on behind the scenes.

So originally the second edition wasn't going to be put into production for at LEAST a year after the first edition sold out. I wanted a break from the deck and from thinking and obsessing about it. But then I received a message from a magazine who wanted to feature the deck, and well, my goal for the last 5 years has been to have my work submitted and featured in a magazine, so its not like I was going to say no!

The only problem is that when they messaged me, the first edition was well on its way to being out of print, and by the time the deck would be featured I DEFINITELY wouldn't have any of that edition in stock to sell to the magazine subscribers if they wanted one.

So naturally the solution was to simply rush production of the second edition. No problem right? (Cue laughter)

Except there are a few hiccups that stand in the way of the second edition getting printed. Mainly- money, time, and motivation. Just little things right?

My plan for the second edition is to order 500 copies instead of 100, so that the deck can be available to more people. I also want to upgrade the box, upgrade the booklet, and have the edges gilded in copper. All of this together will run about $4,500 USD. Since there will not be a Kickstarter campaign for this second edition, all of this will come out of my pocket. Most of the money that I am saving up for this printing comes from purchases of smudge wands from my shop, so if you want to help a girl out, buy a few smudge wands! While I wish that the sales from the first edition could completely fund the second edition, I ended up breaking even on the first edition and didn't profit as much as I really hoped I would. Which is ok! The fact that my deck is in the world is *mostly* payment enough.

I do know that the second edition back illustration will change, so that when you compare the backs of both editions it will be easy to see which is which. The color scheme will stay the same and will remain rose and sage colors, with black and white illustrations.

I do plan to re-draw a few of the cards that I am not in LOVE with, mainly the 6 of wicks and the sun card. Other cards will be tweaked to better reflect the idea and message behind the card. The booklet will be beefed up and the descriptions for the plants behind each card will be elaborated so that they make more sense. I may change a few plants around to better match the cards.

Anyways, that's where we are at as far as a game plan goes. As far as timeline? I want to complete all of this as well as have most of the money saved up for the down payment to start production on the deck by September. Which is in 3 ish months.

Fingers crossed that I can complete all of this? If you want, send me some of your mental motivation ( or a babysitter ) so that I can get all this work done and create the stunning second edition deck that I picture in my head.

Anyways, that's all for now! I hope that gives everyone a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes and what the timeline kind of is.

Till next time! -


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