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What is Earth Bones Tarot?

A picture of a hand holding a tarot card. The card has a lioness and pomegranate plants depicted on a green background. behind the hand holding a card is the remainder of the tarot deck and a candle.
The Empress card from the Earth Bones Tarot deck

Earth bones tarot is a deck rich in plants and animal symbolism that draws on inspiration from the classic Raider-Waite style of Tarot.

Each of the Major Arcana comes with an illustration depicting a different plant or herb that coincides with the message of the card.

The Minor Arcana suits have been changed to items that a modern day witch may find in her home.

The suits are:

Crystals (swords)

Jars (cups)

Petals (pentacles)

Wicks (wands)

Each of the different minor Arcana cards have art that relates to the message that allows for interpretative reading, however the deck does come with a PDF booklet with different explanations of each card for those who may not be experienced with tarot just yet.

This tarot deck is perfect for those who prefer an earthy and grounded deck, and is wonderful for both beginners and collectors alike.

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