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Oracle Deck in the works!

I swore to myself that after I completed the Earth Bones Tarot that I would give myself six months before I attempted another project that big... Well, six months hasn't passed yet but here I am, working on yet another deck.

Honestly, I find the creation of this oracle deck a bit more difficult than the tarot deck was to create. The tarot deck was nice because there were specific guidelines I wanted to follow, and there were a specific number of cards to be made and an end in sight. However with an oracle deck, it is all 100% coming from my own brain.

If I am being quite honest, it makes me nervous to think about creating something so completely from scratch. I have vague ideas in place for the cards and their descriptions, but mostly its just winging it at this point.

Thank goodness that I can take as long as I want to work on this though, because boy. I don't know if I could work on this deck under a time restraint like I am having to do with the second edition of EBT. (Earth bones tarot).

Wanna see some pictures of the illustrations I have so far?

Of course you do. Progress pictures are awesome.

So this bat was the first one I made, which is why it has a pink background when every other one I painted doesn't.

While I adore the pink, I ran out of the paint and I am too lazy to paint all of the rest of the cards like I did this one. So if there is any pink added to this deck, it will be added digitally in post production so that it is consistent.

"The Weeds" Is the name of this card, and as of right now it is the only card that is a flora instead of a fauna. Am I going to keep this illustration in the deck? I don't have the answer to that yet.

This card was originally going to be titled "the Watcher", and was supposed to represent safety. But this illustration kind of took on a completely different end result than what I had mentally envisioned, so it will likely get a name change and different meaning.

Mr. Goldfish here doesn't have a card name yet. His whole card meaning is symbolic of growing out of a space that was previously just right for you.

And finally, we have the cat. This is the card for History and past- it shows up when there is a need to talk to your ancestors or do shadow work.

I have more cards painted than this at this point, but I haven't taken photos of them and really, I already whipped my camera out once already today to take spread photos, so I am not feeling like doing the whole circus thing again. Sorry bud. At least that means I will have one more blog post at some point because I will share those other card illustrations.... at some point. I don't know when. Probably when I get motivation like this again and am not feeling all together overwhelmed by the EBT 2nd edition deadline.

Anyways- thanks for listening to me ramble into the ether. Signing off until next time!


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