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September 2020 Update- Progress on an Oracle deck!

Hey friend! Last time we spoke I was in the process of trying to get Earth Bones Tarot 2nd edition printed. Getting through all of that was a rollercoaster, but the final product is so worth it! The Second edition of Earth Bones is everything I wish that the first edition had been. And the things I learned along the way? Whew! Who knew formatting digital items to make a physical product could be so hard?!

Earth Bones Second edition is a limited run of 500 copies (at the moment). I am not sure if I will print more after those run out, but if I do I know if I do there will be a few tweaks, naturally. The Second Edition did have a few flaws, namely the guidebook has a few typos that somehow both me and my editor AND my printer missed. I also want to change the box design a little and remove the interior quote, as well as tweak a few card designs for clarity. Maybe add herb borders to the minor suits too? I am not sure. All of that is so far into the future that I can't even worry about it right now.

And besides, before I do ANY of that, I will hopefully have released Black Velvet!

If you follow me on Social media (Which, if you want more consistent updates you probably should, I always forget about this part of my website) you would know that Black Velvet is the name of the oracle deck I am working on.

Right now the deck is just a baby- 8 completed paintings out of 50(?), and some scribbles and musings about the meanings behind the cards and how they can be used.

I am finding that oracle decks are a little more difficult than Tarot decks. Its like being given a set of IKEA furniture- tarot includes the instructions but the oracle does not. And you have to figure it out on your own.

Sure, once you get the basic set up down things will go a lot smoother, but getting the basic set up done with no instructions is hard.

So far, Black Velvet is a year or more from its birth, I am taking a lot longer on each individual painting, and between a newborn and a pandemic and all of the other hobbies I keep picking up, things are crawling along.

Beyond working on the oracle, I also picked up pottery, have been working on improving my paper making skills (a new drop of manifestation paper will hit the shop soon! ) and am working to bulk my stock up for upcoming 2021 vending events. I am hoping that things will not be cancelled again next year, I miss seeing everyone in person!

Anyways, until I remember that I need to update this section of my site again, so long.


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