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What have we been up to lately?

Long time no blog! (Because I forgot about this part of the site, lets be honest.)

We have been busy busy over here at Alchemi Soul. For the final quarter of 2019 we began marketing our products at in person booths at our local flea market.

This has expanded and we have booths at several large markets for 2020! (WHOOP WHOOP!)

Alchemi Soul started as a strictly online marketplace, so switching to selling product in person has been a little bit of a change.

It has been amazing seeing people who are buying my art in person though, and I am so excited for the future markets.

We also have released Earth Bones Tarot 2nd edition, and BOY HOWDY have we had some wrinkles along the way. The whole saga is straight up going to get its own post, because its a whole thing on its own.

Also, did you see that I am PERGNRNANT? (I know how to spell pregnant. But picture me saying this loudly, and very much incorrectly. ) In the photo with me above I was actually pregnant and had no idea yet!

Little baby is due in June and I am NOT really ready at all. It was a surprise in all sense of the word- This baby somehow made it past two forms of birth control. (do we know where the IUD went? nope. But it didn't do its job and it is FIRED when it shows back up.)

We have embraced the idea of being a two child household, but I would be branded a liar if I said I was anything but scared and nervous. We thought because of prior fertility issues with my son that we would never be able to have another child, so we got some long term birth control just in case and fully leaned into raising an only child. And by fully, this means I got rid of nearly all of the baby stuff in the name of MINIMALIZM as my son grew out of it.

We are starting basically at square one with this second baby, and like... no one tells you how nerve wracking that is? Maybe its in a pamphlet I missed or a class where they give you the rundown on second kid nerves or whatever and everyone else knows this already so I shouldn't be surprised.

Aaaaanyways. This whole second kid thing is putting some wrinkles in my whole "Life Plan" (said with exaggerated finger quotes.)

2020 was supposed to be full of traveling for markets and working on an oracle deck.

So what is going to happen instead is that EARLY 2020 will be full of travel and work and me being perplexed as things become increasingly more difficult the rounder I get.

And then I will have a whole period of time where I fall off the end of the earth to give birth and figure out parenting two kiddos, then I will be back in a very limited capacity until baby is old enough to lift its head probably.

I know the universe is going to laugh at this whole revised 2020 plan, but heck, I am type A and have to have SOMETHING helping me out as I move through my year.

But yeah, that's whats been up with Alchemi Soul (or me, I guess, because its just me on this end of the blog and even if it SOUNDS Like there is a whole team of people, its just me.)

Stay tuned (and pop some popcorn) for the post on the drama behind the 2nd edition tarot deck. It is full of delightful shenanigans from my printing company.

till next time!


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