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Classic Bath Tea

This herbal bath soak is our "Classic" Blend and is perfect for everyday bathing when you need just a little bit of something extra

Made with a luxurious blend of Shasta Sage, white Sage, and Wildflowers.

Sprinkle the herbal blend directly into your tub, or place inside of a re-usable cloth bag for easy clean up! 
These herbs can be dried and re-used for the bath up to three times, if you wish to dry and re-use them, spread them out in a single layer on a tray or basket and let rest until dried. 

We recommend burying the remnants of your bath soak in your garden or favorite potted plant, the blend composts wonderfully!

This product is NOT intended for eating or drinking, please do not ingest any part of this product.
While these products are food grade and safe for bathing, we just can't recommend you to make a real tea out of this. 

This product is not intended for use to heal any serious ailments or disease.