Spell Vial "Ultra Cleanse And Protection"

Spell Vial "Ultra Cleanse And Protection"

Spell vial- "Ultra Cleanse and Protection"


This vial in particular carries thistle as well as a specialty black salt and protection blend that guards against the worst kind of energies. 

THIS BOTTLE IS NOT MEANT TO BE OPENED- The dust inside contains toxic plant matter and can be dangerous if inhaled.


What is it?

Spell vials are a small slice of pre-made witchcraft ready to decorate your altar or oddities cabinet. 

Each vial contains different ingredients that will bring different energies and intentions into your home. Some ingredients you may find are: feathers, dried plants, crystals, moss, animal bones, or inscets. 


To use:

Treat this vial like you would your favorite crystal. Charge it under the cycle of the moon that you are drawn to, and leave it in a place of honor on your altar or shelf. 


Important note:

Some vials do contain poisonus or toxic ingredients, so these vials are NOT intended to be opened. 

These spell vials are NOT intended to treat any illness and are NOT made to be ingested.